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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Real Life Intrudes

Regular readers may be wondering why this silly little web log isn't updated as often as it used to be.

I beg your forbearance: events in the life of America's favorite bunny are momentous: new job responsibilities; new (bigger) office with a great view and a new rate of compensation. Good things are happening at chez BBB, and if I can discuss them you'll hear it here first. But if I can't discuss them, I apologize here and now.

In the immediate future, expect fewer posts. There are subjects I must put off limits. Fortunately bunny adoption and silly news items are not among them. These are the types of things I'll be posting.

Shedding most of this web log's readership is sad but necessary. Hard-core bunny fans will understand. At least I hope they will.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Bunny Jail-Break

...breaking into jail, that is:

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch officials plan to shoot hundreds of wild rabbits which have nibbled through a prison's underground alarm, phone and power cables and tried to tunnel under its walls, officials say.

The hapless bunnies outside Overijssel prison in Zwolle are to be culled by hunters after the local municipality got a permit to shoot them. Catching them in cages to be released in the countryside failed to put an end to the destruction.

"The prison has many problems with the rabbits. They have gnawed telephone cables but also the cables of the alarm system. The local authority has asked for permission to shoot them," Zwolle municipality spokesman Anton Cramer said.

Hunters are certainly bad news, but I'm still betting on the bunnies!

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Meet Kevin:


“Kevin Kaboom” earned his nickname because he likes to climb on chairs, pull books off shelves, and make noise! He is young and very energetic and needs a human who can invent fun things for him to do and who will tirelessly rub his head.

Because Kevin is a New Zealand bunny, he's bigger than most. And oh that face!

A Prayer for Internet Nasties

Straight outta Israel:

"Please G-d, help me cleanse the computer of viruses and evil photographs which disturb and ruin my work..., so that I shall be able to cleanse myself (of sin)," reads the benediction by Shlomo Eliahu, chief rabbi in the northern town of Safed.

There's something ecumenical about that prayer...

Stolen Car Follies

Perhaps the police in Columbus, Ohio are having a bit too much fun with their new toy:

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Police have added a musical twist to the booby-trapped car they leave out to entice would-be thieves.

The city's so-called "bait car" is now rigged to play the theme from the television show "Cops" when officers remotely disable the engine and nab the crooks.

Now that is too funny!

New Chilean Soccer League

In this one, they let you use your hands:

...The referee had already had to suspend the game during the second-half after rival fans brawled on the pitch.

But he decided to restart play and Bandera's top striker, El Rulo, scored just before the final whistle.

An opposition player immediately pulled a revolver out of his shorts and fired three times at the celebrating striker.

Why don't we have armed soccer?

Monday, January 19, 2004


Hello Harrison!

(Washington DC HBS)

Harrison was previously adopted from HRS in July of 2002. His adoptive owners didn't bother contacting HRS when they decided to get rid of him in December of 2003. Instead, they abandoned him at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter where he could have been put to sleep. Miraculously, we found him there before anything bad happened to him. We will never know or understand why his family did this to him because he is a handsome and sweet bunny. Harrison is a gorgeous mini-rex with a friendly and loving disposition. He is curious and attentive and healthy. He gets along with other animals including dogs and cats.
(Washington DC HBS)

A rescue bunny who gets along with cats and dogs? Considering he spent time with them on what amounts to death row, I guess that's not surprising. And doesn't he look like a Dalmatian? I bet that helps too.

From his story, Harrison appears to be a really good pet bunny. Any takers?

Arsenal of Democracy

Gossip, the freedom-fighter's friend:

KIRKUK, Iraq -To Maj. Doug Vincent and other soldiers fighting the information war in this generally tranquil town 150 miles north of Baghdad, there are good rumors and there are bad rumors.

Good rumor: Sunglasses worn by U.S. soldiers are actually equipped with X-ray vision to spot grenades and guns under clothing.

Bad rumor: Kurdish fighters first caught Saddam Hussein, but U.S. forces drugged the fallen dictator, stuffed him in a hole and took worldwide credit for the capture last month.

Both assertions are false, yet both are still passed along through the graffiti-and-gossip network developed by northern Iraqis to communicate with one another despite the former regime's ever-present intelligence agents and ban on Internet use. Now, Vincent and other military information experts are capitalizing on the underground system to spread pro-American messages, ferret out intelligence and gauge unrest in northern areas, where resistance is subtler than the constant attacks faced by soldiers in Iraq's more violent central region.
(Knight Ridder)

I'd just like to add that the people who join the AoD are telepathic and have looks that kill.


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