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Friday, October 31, 2003

Flying Follies

Matt Clarke at Sasha's Web Log has a story about an airline passenger who was refused entry to the plane on account of his prosthetic hand. The airline (Lan Chile) apparently reasoned that a fake hand was too pointy and sharp for a passenger to bring into the cabin.

Good Grief!

I have a similar story, and would like to recount it on this web log. My story has a happy ending.

Recently I needed to catch a flight from Christchurch, New Zealand to Los Angeles. In my carry-on bag I carried a Kiwi-shaped bottle opener (a souvenir for a friend who enjoys the froth). As you know, Kiwis are the national animal of NZ, and they all have skinny, sharp beaks. Said feature was accurately reproduced in my brass replica.

The Christchurch airport police spotted my faux-Kiwi and raised a red flag. A delegate from American Airlines (natch) approached to discuss the disposition of the dangerous object.

Readers, I wasn't prepared to argue with a nice young lady from American Airlines. She might have known Betty Ong, or another of the two crews (and their passengers) they lost on the second day of infamy. I had plenty of other souvenirs, and was willing to drop the issue.

I asked the delegate: "so can I take this object on the airplane?"

She replied: "No, but we'll hold it for you in the cockpit. You can pick it up at the end of the flight."

Ladies and Gentlemen: the flight was one of those 14 hour, deep-vein-thrombosis-inducing, four-movie flights. I almost forgot about the Kiwi, but American Airlines did not.

Upon landing and reaching the gate, I walked past the cockpit and retrieved my souvenir. So simple; so easy. Kudos to American Airlines for resolving the issue so painlessly.

So why did Lan Chile freak out over a prosthetic hand? They could have stowed it for the duration, and returned it at the end of the flight. No need to turn a handshake into a shakedown.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Low Observables

Until the dilettantes go away, and until this little web log returns to its regular, low-traffic status, I'm reducing this diary's profile.

In the meantime, if you want something else to read, check out these folks who asked for a mention:

Chu Dogg is a new web log writer. Even though bunnies don't like dogs, for him I'll make an exception. He has photographic proof of an element of Saddam's biowar industry. Interesting stuff.

Max runs what he calls a "Nice Jewish Boys' Weblog." It's got neat pictures and a link to me. What more could one ask from a weblog?

Recommended reading!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Here's former stray Clarabelle:

(Wisconsin HBS)

CLARABELLE is a gentle dwarf Dutch gal. She has soft grey and white markings, very unusual. As she was a stray (and we can’t imagine why anyone would give her up!) we don’t know her age, and estimate it at 2-3 yrs old. She has a lovely personality and is a great snuggler. (4 lbs)
(Wisconsin HBS)

As you know, Dutch bunnies always go to the head of the line on this web log. And she used to be a stray: who would abandon a nice bunny like Clarabelle? Probably folks like Samosa's old owners. In other words, not nice folks.

Looking for a nice Dutch bunny? Yes or no, please go say hi.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003


[Readers from the future, here's the context for this post. Although this web log offers only yesterday's news, it's receiving nods from the blogosphere's big shots.]

Writers: thanks to everyone who thought this web log worthy of attention. Readers, thanks for dropping by and giving your $0.02.

Clearly, this silly little diary wasn't meant to stand up to the current level of scrutiny. But even those who expressed disagreement have registered their complaints in civil and articulate terms. That's really encouraging!

Since Andrew Sullivan is the most recent titan to transmit some of his readership to me, I thought he might like to check out a website whose author contacted me to offer kudos.

Right on the Issues: A Hawkish Pro USA Pro Israel Pro Gay Weblog. It's brand new and the author is just starting to get his blog-legs. He sounds like one of Mr. Sullivan's "South Park Republicans," and every additional vote counts.

Lastly, I'd like to offer additional thanks to those folks who arrived here while looking for adoptable bunnies. Presenting long-eared pets looking for nice homes is one of this site's pillars. If you'd like to find an adoptable bunny in your neck of the woods, check out the master list.

Good night to readers old and new. You've propelled my otherwise calm site counter into a pinwheel. While that's both exhilarating and frightening, I'm glad you took the trouble to drop by.

Monday, October 27, 2003

How to Pass

Infiltrating an International Answer rally isn't easy. You must look the part. You must 'pass.'

  • No ties: these symbols of male oppression are a giveaway. Leave them at home.

  • No makeup: there's an international conspiracy afoot to oppress women through cosmetics. Fight the power.

  • No dress shoes: it's sandals or barefoot. Anything else is a giveaway.

  • No deodorant. need I say more?

Take your cues from what you see on C-SPAN. You know the type, and you need to dress accordingly.

My model is the archetypical hippie bohemian. They always get a prima facie pass. And all you need is fuzzy hair and a backpack:

Did I mention this is also my Halloween costume?


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