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Saturday, October 11, 2003

New Review

There's a new review on the BMS. These reviews are steadily growing in size. Apologies in advance.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Alert: A-10 Shrine

Oh yes, this isn't some mythical grail, there really is such a site. Go! Now!

Oh, and check out the downloads page. It features an A-10 music video. You'll need the DivX codec, and I recommend the video with enthusiasm. It's pure, deadly poetry. Enemies, view this film and tremble!

Growing up, I heard these planes flying out of Drum (NY). Always a pleasure. Oh and the occasional Super Sabre cutting his afterburner in and out. Show-offs.

Anyway, check out the movie. That Warthog, it can carry everything. I swear there are a few frames of an A-10 carrying bags of take-out under the port wing. (Okay, it's not really that slow, but still...).


Another adoptable pair:

(Los Angeles HBS)

This cute mother and son bonded pair, named after showbiz legend Mary Martin and her son Larry Hagman, are very loving and have great litter box habits. Larry is an inquisitive dwarf with silky-smooth black fur who loves to climb and give kisses. Mary is slightly larger and enjoys sleeping on her hay. This young mother and her son have both been neutered. They are available for immediate adoption as a pair only.
(Los Angeles HBS)

I was going to set off this post with some ebony and ivory reference, but really: celebrity adoptable bunnies. Can't top that!

Arsenal of Democracy

Oh great, a religious fundamentalist threatening atomic terrorism:

The US State Department has lodged a vehement complaint with prominent conservative televangelist Pat Robertson for comments suggesting that its Foggy Bottom headquarters should be destroyed with nuclear weapons, officials said.
(Yahoo News)

Hey, that's almost next door! At least I'm upwind. Can't we point Pat at a legitimate target?

But while we're on the subject, let's speak softly and look at the big stick:

The Minuteman was the world's first solid-fueled Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), and has been the mainstay of the USAF's ICBM force ever since its deployment. Because international arms reduction treaties will lead to the early retirement of its designated successor, the LGM-118 Peacekeeper, the Minuteman will soon be the only land-based strategic missile of the United States, and remain so for the foreseeable future.
(Designation Systems)

The basic model can reach out and touch almost anywhere on Earth to deliver a 170 kiloton warhead. Or you can splurge for the optional 340 kT upgrade. Personally, I recommend it.

Thinking about the Minuteman neatly answers all those pesky questions like:
* are ten active duty divisions enough?
* are we overextended?
* can we fight more than one war simultaneously?

When we fight, the world ought to consider just how much we are holding back. If we cried havoc, we could win as many wars as we wished. And (with apologies to Sagan) we could do it in one lazy afternoon.

Thursday, October 09, 2003


You folks read Ravenwolf's Anomaly, right? Then you already know about her photographic web log.

Well if you don't, you missed a couple of pictures of warthogs. Click next for the other photograph.

I have a not-so-secret admiration for the 'Hawgs from Hagerstown. And they are LOUD! That's the sound of freedom (TF34 edit).

Mind you, these planes have a serious gun gas ingestion problem. The battelles hurt, rather than helped. To me, the obvious solution would be to install the Avenger in the tail. It might even add a few knots.

Welcome to the Club, Iraq

So nice to see them joining the free world. Sure, it'll take a while to repair the war damage (patching the holes, sweeping away the wrappers of candy-bars, etc.), but I hope they know we're rooting for them.

Two reports have caught my attention, and deserve mention here. The first is a news article written by a young Iraqi-American lady who has returned to her ancestral home to see what's going on. It's an eye opener: in many ways, Iraqis are profoundly different from us. Or are they?

...Yaser was optimistic about Iraq's future.

"Do you think," he once asked me, "that Americans would be interested in visiting Iraq?"

"Of course," I answered.

"I will welcome them myself." He smiled. "What's a fair price to charge for a package tour?"
(Washington Post)

Whatever the market will bear, Yaser. Whatever the market will bear...

The second report is written by Chief Wiggles, and should probably qualify as an AOD post. Writing in August, he discusses his encounter with an Australian officer in charge of rebuilding the Iraqi Air Force:

The officer rebuilding the air force, who was from Australia, was very eager to talk about my good friend, the Iraqi Air Force general, who I have grown so close to. I was very enthusiastic as I sincerely expressed to him how I felt about this general and as I elaborated on all of his experience and desires to be involved in this very process.

You might recall that as I was leaving the POW camp I took the time to ask the generals what they would like to do the most when they are released. The Iraqi Air Force general told me that his greatest desire is to help rebuild the Iraqi Air Force.

Okay, so here I am with the main man rebuilding the air force and I can hardly contain myself in my exuberance to relay my feelings. I could see he was getting the message through the spirit confirming the truthfulness of my words.
(Chief Wiggles)

What is the significance of an Australian rebuilding the Iraqi Air Force? As you know, Australia is on the JSF team. Once they get their strike jets, part of the RAAF fleet will become surplus. And Australia will be looking for potential buyers. I'm sure Iraq will be first in line.

Of course a free Iraq is a useful ally. But wouldn't its utility be enhanced were it equipped with a wing of supersonic, all-weather, long-range, radar-evading fighter-bombers? You guessed it, I'm talking F-111C!

Take a world map and pick any airfield in Iraq. Now draw a circle around it with a radius of 1,000 miles. That's how far a clean F-111 can fly on internal fuel alone (and return to base). Carrying external fuel tanks, an F-111 could reach nearly twice as far. And because the F-111 has terrain-following radar (TFR), it can (albeit at reduced combat radius) fly the entire mission just 50 or 100 feet off the ground.

Free Iraqi F-111's would completely change the Middle East. Every evil tyrant would be on notice -- or rather would have no notice at all. Ask Khadaffy.

The Royal Australian Air Force borrows heavily from the British model (even if they fly almost exclusively American jets). But you already know that. You might be surprised to learn that the Iraqi Air Force is also based on the British model. And once Iraq opens the petrol sluice-gates, they'll be flying US jets too. Wouldn't it be awesome if Free Iraq took charge of a wing of strike varks?

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Going Soft?

Here's a confession to you dear readers:

Every now and then I watch Hannity and Colmes. If you don't get FoxNews, it's a talk show featuring a conservative (Hannity) and a liberal (Colmes).

As you know, I'm a warmongering right-winger. Most bunnies are. But watching the above show is really revealing.

Every time I start watching, I'm rooting for Hannity. He's in my corner and we see pretty much eye-to-eye. But he comes across as a blowhard. Colmes is much more congenial. By the end of the broadcast, I'm rooting for Colmes. Mostly because he's less offensive.

I'm rating them not only on ideology, but also on demeanor. And on that matrix, Colmes usually wins.

Furthermore, Colmes seems to do more show preparation. If a right-wing book author is the subject of the interview, Colmes appears to have read the subject's book. It's the same if the guest is a left winger. On the other hand, Hannity comes off as a dilettante, not familiar with the subject matter.

In the polling booth, I probably vote the same way as Hannity votes. But if you invited me, I'd rather split a few beers with Colmes.

Call me crazy, but I don't think I'm alone. Agree, disagree? That's why this web log has comments.

The Show Must Go On

Like you, I hope that Roy Horn makes a full recovery and returns to the stage. Las Vegas needs him.

But let's face facts: once bitten, twice shy. I think he and Siegfried should take stock of their lives and develop a brand new animal review based on a friendlier species.

How about a live bunny show?

(National Geographic)

The roots of bunny hopping are in Sweden, where the sport began in the 1970s. Today, active bunny hoppers in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, and Germany number more than 4,000, and an event can be found somewhere in Europe just about every weekend. A major competition draws as many as 200 entrants.
(National Geographic)

I think America's ready for a lepine-themed nightclub act. No, America (starting here) demands one. I did a little googling and found an extraordinary Danish site devoted to the art of the bunny hop. Check it out!

(The above site has a left-hand bar of buttons. Click on the one marked "R***** Hopping." And by all means click on the subsequent page's top picture. It links to a bunny hopping movie. Awesome, if you ask me!)

Wildly popular all throughout Scandinavia, bunny hopping is still a nascent sport in the USA. But American bunny hoppers do have a website. It's a good start, but to take this phenomenon to a new level, it needs charismatic leadership. C'mon Siegfried and Roy, give bunnies a chance!

Meanwhile, I'm googling for a sport centered around bunny chewing. At Chez BBB, I'm also known as the scourge of carpets and ethernet cables. I'll let you know when I turn pro.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

A Memorial

Every time some nice person adopts a bunny into their family, I consider that a success story. Whether you brought your bunny home from a pet store or from a rescue organization, you're giving a sweet bunny a chance at the good life. Your attempt reveals your good intentions.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and the same is true for bunnies -- even more so for our long-eared friends. If things don't work out, that's a tragedy, but it doesn't detract from the fact that you really tried to do a good thing.

Without betraying a confidence, I'd like to share a few details about a nice family who adopted a beautiful young bunny and did their best to give their young, furry friend a happy life. The bunny appreciated the presence of people who loved her and did everything possible to provide a good home. Sadly, the bunny jumped over the rainbow bridge, and lives now in bunny heaven with the Black Rabbit of Inle and his Owsla.

Like any creature, a young bunny is fragile. You can do everything right, and your friend with the wiggling nose might still pass on. The fault never lies with the folks who really want to see the bunny thrive.

As you know, bunnies are prey animals. Born knowing that the world is out to get them, they try really hard to conceal any symptoms of injury or sickness. Bad animals are always looking for an easy catch, so bunnies make every effort to put a best face forward -- sometimes concealing their symptoms until it's too late. No matter how deeply you bond with your bunny, you've got to accept that she won't always tell you when she's sick and needs help. Bunnies just don't do that. It's not their fault; and it's not your fault either. It's just the way bunnies are.

Even if you get only a short time with your fuzzy friend, consider yourself blessed and thanked for a job well done. Every pet bunny is ever so grateful for a safe home full of friends. I don't mean to scare you [and of you're printing this out, you might want to delete this sentence], but the mortality rate for wild rabbits is about 85% after six months. Every time your bunny enjoys a day full of friends, food and security, you can pat yourself on the back.

If you unexpectedly lose your bunny, don't despair: you did your best and you gave your friend a good life in which she lived without fear and in the company of friends. That's all any bunny wants. That and a carrot (or pretzel) and a pat on the head. I hope you can forever remember your bunny's happy expressions and find it within your heart to give another uppy-eared friend a shot at la dolce vita.

Monday, October 06, 2003

New Review

I've posted a new review to the BMS It's a bit of a change of pace.

As you know, every landmark film has an evil twin. Kubrick's 2001 spawned the cruel nemesis Journey to the Far Side of the Sun. In the same manner, Project Moonbase yielded its own misbegotten step-child. Follow the first link, if you dare...

P.S., said review is the first BMS post to make use of the ACRONYM tag, with apologies (or thanks) to Mr. Denbeste


For a change of pace, let's try a bonded pair:

(Upstate NY HBS)

Mason (male) light brown and Shein (female) Dutch. Mason was born at his foster home, because his mother was brought was pregnant when rescued. What a personality!!! He is truly a funny bunny!!! Shein was rescued in February of 2002. She came from a home with many children and this seemed to stress her out. Shein has the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen. Mason and Shein were bonded in April of 2002 and they have been best of buddies since. They love to run around the house and hide under the furniture. Their favorite toys are paper towel rolls and small cardboard boxes filled with hay with a few small holes cut out. They are litter box trained and both Mason and Shein have been altered. They are looking for a home with responsible owners and lots of love.
(Upstate NY HBS)

As you know, rescued bunnies make the best pets. Care for doubles?

Sunday, October 05, 2003

What's Up with the Anglosphere?

It's getting too darn kooky out there in the English-speaking world:

A clown will next week deliver a sermon in a cathedral while balancing on a wire.
Other clowns will act in sketches and give Bible readings during the service at St Albans Cathedral, Herts, next Sunday.
The service will mark the 21st anniversary of "Holy Fools", a group of clowns, mime artists and dancers who use their stills to spread the Christian message.

Jesus wept.

And Australia, how could you?

[Australian] Brothels are also said to be stocking up on whips as thousands of English rugby union supporters arrive in Australia for the event which starts this weekend.

Robbie Swan, a spokesman for The Eros Association, Australia's adult entertainment industry, told the BBC: "The upper classes in England, we know that they like spanking."

Of course they do.

By the way, that last story features a picture. This being a PG-13 rated web log, I urge you not to look.

Anyway, everybody keep your heads down and stay safe.


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