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Saturday, October 04, 2003

New Review

There's a new flick on the BMS. Check the bottom of the left-hand column.

At the moment, the Bad Movie Shrine loads really slowly. And it's not just all the pictures, it takes blogger a really long time to compose the web page. Maybe it's a weekend-related problem, and maybe it's something else. Either way, if you leave the window open long enough, it'll display. It's bedtime, and I'll fix the problem later.

Arsenal of France

Heard about this one from the Instapundit:

WARSAW (Reuters) - Polish troops in Iraq have found four French-built advanced anti-aircraft missiles which were built this year, a Polish Defense Ministry spokesman told Reuters Friday.
France strongly denied having sold any such missiles to Iraq for nearly two decades, and said it was impossible that its newest missiles should turn up in Iraq.
"Polish troops discovered an ammunition depot on Sept. 29 near the region of Hilla and there were four French-made Roland-type missiles," Defense Ministry spokesman Eugeniusz Mleczak said.

How to tell who is truthful?

"Since July 1990, France has not authorized a single shipment of military equipment to Iraq," a French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman told Reuters. Similar accusations surfaced in the U.S. media in April, she said.
In 1980-81, 13 Roland-1 missile systems were shipped to Iraq and from 1983 to 1986, 100 Roland-2 missile systems. The Roland-3 has never been exported to Iraq, she said.
"It is not credible to say that the Roland missiles found a few days ago were produced in 2003 and delivered just before the Anglo-American intervention," the spokeswoman said. "Let's be absolutely clear about this: no military exports to Iraq were licensed after July 1990."
It was unlikely that the missiles could be used 17-18 years after their delivery, she added.

I added the emphasis to the last sentence. Why? Let's look back to April:

"Coalition air forces have established air supremacy over the entire country, which means the enemy is incapable of effective interference with coalition air operations," Major General Stanley McChrystal, vice director of the Pentagon's Joint Staff, told a news conference.
He did not mention that an Air Force A-10 Warthog was shot down near Baghdad today. It is believed to be the first allied aircraft other than a helicopter to be downed by an Iraqi surface-to-air missile since the war began March 20.
US Central Command officials said the pilot ejected safely, was recovered by allied ground forces and was in good condition.
Pentagon officials said the A-10 appeared to have been hit by a French-made Roland missile, usually fired from a truck.
(The Age)

Again, the emphasis is mine.

Despite all the leftist caterwauling about the AoD's foreign military sales (FMS), why do evil states nearly always brandish French arms?

Thursday, October 02, 2003


This guy's named Rudy, and wait until you hear his story:

(Richmond (CA) HBS)

Rudy is a sweet bunny who was rescued by a local animal shelter and then brought to HBS. His “owners” were going to use him as “bait” for dog fighting. Rudy is a wonderful bunny, and he needs a loving home.
(Richmond (CA) HBS)

Rudy's about a year old, and he weighs a whopping six pounds. Way to go Rudy! I think he deserves better than to be dog-bait. Don't you?

Arsenal of Democracy

Consider this an update to the previous AoD post. An alert reader pointed out that all the Tactical Insult Comedy (TIC) in the world won't win an engagement unless it has a really good punch line. In Baghdad, said punch line was delivered by one of the AoD's best loved weapons: the M-2 Heavy Machine Gun.

This gun has been around forever. Who knew it even had its own sabot?

.50 caliber SLAP ammunition was developed by the Marine Corps during the mid/late 1980s and was approved for service use in 1990 during Operation Desert Storm. It uses a reduced caliber, heavy metal (tungsten) .30 inch diameter penetrator wrapped in a "plastic" sabot or "shoe" of .50 inch diameter.
Since the mass of the saboted penetrator is much lighter in weight than normal ball .50 caliber ammunition, SLAP's velocity can be significantly and safely increased in an unmodified M2 Machine Gun. This produces a very fast round with a very flat trajectory which enhances hit probability. SLAP ammuntion is completely interoperable with M2 machine guns with stellite liner.

I bet an M-2 with SLAP ammunition actually could shoot through schools.

The AoD is finally retiring the M-2. It's replacement is apparently some kind of smart gun:

August 4, 2003: "Ma Deuce," the 80 year old M-2 .50 caliber machine-gun is finally facing retirement. ...for the last few years, the U.S. Army has been developing the M-307, a machine-gun firing 25mm "smart shells." ... The tests of the M312 have been encouraging, and the army plans to start replacing its 25,000 M-2 machine-guns in 2005, by issuing M-312's as M-2s wear out (and a lot are doing that these days), or replacing M-2s in infantry outfits where there is a need to sometimes take the .50 caliber machine-gun off the vehicle (all M-2s are basically vehicle mounted) and set it up somewhere else. This was never really practical with the M-2, but is with the M-312. The 25mm M-307 isn't expected to show up until 2010, and will replace .50 caliber weapons as well as the M-19 40mm automatic grenade launcher.
(Strategy Page)

Spiffy, no?

Let's take a moment to reflect and thank the M-2 for its (nearly a) century of service. But before we take the gun out of service, the least we could do is give it a proper nickname.

"Ma Deuce" is euphonious and satisfactory, but let's face it: we could do better. Considering how it swept Baghdad clean of evil terrorists, supplying a fitting moniker is really the least we could do.

Let's call it the "freedom broom."

Apartment Ranching

Sadly, this form of agriculture is at an end.

Farm animals have been banned from council flats in Kiev after a survey found residents were keeping more than 3,000 pigs, 500 cows and 1,000 goats.

The animals were being kept on balconies, in front rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms of council flats in the Ukrainian capital.

Not long ago, I was in Kiev. Can't believe I missed this phenomenon.

City authorities say the flats and especially the balconies were not designed for the weight of heavy animals like cows and that their urine was destroying the buildings.

Why don't we have cows on balconies?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Bernie is just your basic, 'needing a nice adoption' kind of bunny.

(Monterey (CA) HBS)

What a cutie! Bernie arrived from San Francisco Animal Care. He is about a year old and neutered. Bernie is a very sweet guy! He is a medium-sized rabbit.
(Bernie's Page)

Hi Bernie! Just you wait, some nice family or person will make the call and adopt you!

The Bad Movie Shrine

Just so you know, I'm fiddling with the BMS. With any luck it ought to display a single review each time you click on the archive. It's not yet ready, but it will be soon. Please exercise patience.

Site Proofreading

The web log roll used to be inaccurate. I've made some changes. So many of you shifted sites. As of today it ought to reflect each of you. If your website is listed inaccurately, or if you think you deserve a listing, comment or send an email.


Tuesday, September 30, 2003

The Truth About Horses and Bunnies

And to think you scoffed at the comparison. Witness:

(Park Vets)

Any guesses as to his horsepower?

Snake Attack!

I saw this one on Drudge, and thought it deserved a wider readership.

Douglas Hatchett of Brownwood was examining shoes on a rack when a rattlesnake concealed behind a shoebox bit him yesterday.

This happened at a Wal Mart -- a place until today I thought had a strict no-snakes policy. But that's not the best part of the story.

The snake fell to the floor, where Hatchett stomped it to death.

How many of us would have the cool presence of mind to teach the snake an important lesson?

I really don't like snakes, and one of my very first posts told my snake attack story. Out in the yard, I spotted a giant, green-webbed snake coiled among the pachysandra. And get this: it was biting the house! I barked out warning after warning. And for some strange reason, folks laughed at me.

Monday, September 29, 2003

The Future of Triple-B

So what happens to war-themed weblogs after the cessation of hostilities? I'd like to know, because I think the answer entails major editorial surgery.

For example, now that we aren't poised to kick an evil tyrant's butt, you readers probably aren't nearly as interested in adopting nice bunnies.

So I'm thinking of taking this weblog in a new direction. Maybe a jazz odyssey. Er no, not that...

Oh, who am I kidding... Always give one's readership what they want.


In this corner, weighing 3.25 pounds, it's Jake:

(Mass. HBS)

Jake is a well mannered young fellow with a very pettable coat. He's looking for the right home (a home with lots of available parsley would be quite acceptable!)
(Mass. HBS)

A well mannered bunny! Actually that's not that unusual. When you're living with super-ape predators, it pays to be polite.

I bet some of you are wondering, "what's a well mannered bunny like?"

As prey animals, it goes without saying that bunnies aren't like cats or dogs. Actually, dogs also live in packs and are also very social creatures. And they tolerate leashes. But that's where the similarities end.

I know this is going to start a controversy, but I think the animal closest in temperament to the bunny is the horse.

Think about it. Both are:
-social herbivores,
-notorious sweet-tooths,
-nice to people after a proper introduction,
-fast, really really fast, and
-steeplechase champions.

Now if horses were tiny, furry, paranoid and had bigger ears and excellent senses of humor, we'd have a perfect match.

Just so you know.


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