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Saturday, December 21, 2002

Just so you know

The Belligerent Bunny is back, and at the keyboard. Sunday needs a theme (users are invited to comment), and I promise all of you a big Christmas present! More details to come!

Hint: Since Haloscan has stopped taking signups, can anyone suggest a reliable comment service?

Sic transit Anna

(Cartoon Bunny Saturday commences (and pretty much concludes) on this web log)

As promised, I am traveling most of today. This might be the sole post for Saturday.

Big Little Books

Here's a film Disney doesn't want you to see:

Walt Disney's Song of the South (1946) has become a persecuted flick, mainly because it has been banned in the United States from public viewing since1986, and Walt Disney Productions has no intention of re-releasing the movie in the foreseeable future. At present, it has been available on laser disc in Japan, complete and uncut in its entirety of 94 minutes, with subtitles in the kanji and hiragana alphabets, but the subtitles are displayed only during the singing of songs.
(Uncle Remus Pages)

Why would Disney ban one of its own films? They have their reasons. Not good ones if you ask me (bunnies belong in pictures), but it is their film.

Today's dollop of warmongery is the boycott, which qualifies as AoD because it only works in free-market countries (we might have to take them on someday).

Gotta run, see you tomorrow!

Friday, December 20, 2002


Meet Tristan:

(Colorado HBS)

This is one of several "Pueblo Rabbits" (came from a terrible situation in Pueblo) whom we have been unable to pair, so each of these is available as a single rabbit. These rabbits have become accustomed to people, and most of them give kisses after they get used to any particular person.
(Colorado HBS)

Too. Cute. Tristan needs no further description.

Worst War Movie Ever

Mike Trettel, administrator of Government Monkey, challenged me to conjure up a list of the worst war movies ever. Not one to back down from a challenge, I present a list, counting down to #1.

5. Rambo III
4. Red Dawn
3. In the Army Now
2. Navy Seals

(Has Charlie Sheen ever looked scarier?)

Before we get to number one, I hear you: those are all American movies. Surely there are bad war movies made elsewhere.

Yes, you're right. We can make some awful war turkeys, but the number one worst war movie honor belongs to a film made in a country which exists no longer. That'll teach 'em to make bad war movies. Yugoslavia cranked out the worst ever war movie back in 1960.

Behold the awfulness of Atomic War Bride!!!

(Spoilers: I spoil everything but don't worry, you should see the film for its own (dis)merits anyway.)

It's John Johnson's (yes, his real name) wedding day. He's psyched to show his new bride his swinging pad, but a neighbor stops by to lend some friendly criticism.

There, that's better. And won't she be impressed by the power of John's electric lights?

What gal wouldn't be? Anyway, John heads off to meet the new in-laws, but war intercedes. Civil defense forces pass out Atomic Radiation Suits and explain how to duck and cover. John hasn't got a suit, so he seeks cover in the trash.

Haha! False alarm. Those were our jets screeching overhead. Plus we've got radiological troops with big electric boxes to save the day.

Jack and his in-laws strike out for the church, despite the air raid. But the bombs fall ever closer...

Newlyweds John and Maria escape the church and hit the deck, while the enemy (just to show they're mean) strafes a cow. [note: This film is cruel to animals (sick Yugoslavs). The cow actually dies. Now we know why modern films post a disclaimer.]

When the enemy jets leave, the Army rounds up every able bodied male for some trigger-finger training.

John's brother in-law Jack can't get the hang of camouflage training. Plus he has a weak heart, and so he dies during basic training.

That's a shame. Meanwhile everybody heads for safety in the fallout shelters and and they watch a message from the maximum leader.

By an odd coincidence, John and Maria reunite in the shelter. Under normal circumstances, this would be a happy moment, but Maximum Leader is broadcasting live footage of his atomic missile strikes.

John Johnson can't take any more of this madness. Once he rouses the shelter into a patriotic fury (by singing the national anthem), he leads them to the Maximum Leader to demand peace.

Naturally, the Army arranges for his benefit a firing squad. Can Maria save him from certain doom?

Maximum Leader arrives to oversee the execution. Little does he know the enemy's missiles are on the way. He seeks shelter in John and Maria's fallout crater.

What a difference an atomic bomb makes. Everybody dies except John and Maria. Plaintively they wander back to what's left of his swinging bachelor pad.

Hmmm, Maria isn't feeling too well. What could be the reason? When she dies, John is grief-stricken. And that's the end of the show, folks.

Atomic War Bride is, frankly, a chore. John is your basic toothpaste model, and Maria is even less dynamic. Unless you have some twisted nostalgia for European nuclear holocaust films, Atomic War Bride is worth seeing only so you can say you have seen the worst war movie ever.

Only once each year

Christmas is here, and you know what that means...

Straight from the Austrian Graceland (Salzburg, to the rest of the world)...Mozartkugeln!

Why can't we have these year round?

Dean's Back!

Dean Esmay is posting again, yay! Back from the hospital (show us the Purple Heart, Dean) and straight to the keyboard. Not even a surgeon's bayonet can stop him. He's invincible!

Arsenal of Democracy

One of the problems with dropping bombs is that it tends to yield the same reaction as poking a hornets' nest. Some times our bombers have to clear the area fast, and have little opportunity to admire their handiwork.

Commanders recognized the need to acquire timely and accurate BDA information after the DESERT STORM campaign. DESERT STORM revealed that approaches for collecting BDA information were either ineffective in adverse weather or untimely in response to the needs of the air campaign planners. Planners require timely, highly accurate BDA to eliminate targeting redundancy on satisfactorily damaged targets and to plan re-strikes on unsatisfactorily damaged targets. Re-strikes against satisfactory damage increase personnel risk and waste valuable resources. Collection of BDA information by the striking aircraft itself would subject the pilot to a high risk by requiring him to remain in close proximity to the target area after release of munitions. Similarly, post-strike reconnaissance flights by other aircraft incur the same high risks.
(Air Force Research Laboratory)

How to safely get post-strike imagery? One solution would be to use the bomb as the mechanism for reporting and assessing the damage. The Mighty USAF calls the concept "Munition Deployed Battle Damage Assessment (MDBDA)."

To reduce the risk to pilots and aircraft, as well as improve current BDA capabilities, a new system is necessary. A possible solution is the MDBDA system. Once a munition is released from the aircraft, a high-speed camera sensor is deployed from behind the bomb and towed by a tether. A specially designed brake system controls the tether and slows the tether payout rate to reduce the load on the tether at the end of the payout. Engineers installed the BDA sensor in an aerodynamically stable body that houses the high-speed video camera, a transmitter, and a battery pack. In flight, the MDBDA transmits video imagery of its forward flight path. When extended its entire length, the tethered camera trails the munition at such a distance that it can capture and transmit several frames of video imagery, capturing events immediately before and after weapon impact. This imagery can reveal whether the target was hit and how well it was hit. Planners can also use the imagery to calculate miss distances as well as for diagnosis of weapon malfunctions.
(Air Force Research Laboratory)

What a brilliant idea, and let's give kudos to the person who dreamt it up. Think of the videos these little kites will send back. Someone just made CNN (and a lot of us warmongers) very happy!

Drop what you're doing and follow the links to the AFRL. They've posted a bunch of excellent pictures showing what happens when (and you knew this was coming) we cry havoc and let slip the fighting candid cameras of war!


Global Security has more information on the MDBDA (they cover pretty much everything in the AoD, and have long since deserved addition to the non-web log roll).

Administrative Note

I'll be traveling on Saturday, and won't have much opportunity to update this web log until around 2330Z. Saturday will still have a theme, contained in one early-morning post. Readers are invited to submit suggestions.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

A man who smuggled a pair of endangered pygmy monkeys into the US in his trousers, has been sentenced to 57 days in jail.

You fill in the blank: I’m feeling lazy. “So, is that a pair of ______ _________ _ ____ ______?”


I always figured that when we finally took on the whole world at once, Canada would watch our back. Right?

Air Force members recently have become the targets of money lending scams operating out of Canada, according to Federal Trade Commission officials.
Air Force Link News

Say it ain’t so, Canada!

Thursday, December 19, 2002


(Upstate NY HBS)

Clover was rescued by the HRS after living in a cardboard box for almost a month while suffering from a compound fracture of the rear leg that her "owners" were ignoring. She is healthy now and a great bunny, very friendly and litterbox trained.

Clover is an active and curious bunny. She likes to come up and nudge against legs and ankles, but she doesn't bite. She will tolerate being picked up, but she prefers being held in your lap when you're sitting on the floor. She will also lie still while you stroke her soft fur. She's a wonderful and friendly companion. Clover is young, approximately 6 months old. Contact "Davida."
(Upstate NY HBS)

Cutest. Bunny. Ever?

Arsenal of Democracy

On the opening night of Desert Storm, one of the top priority targets was the Chem/Bio weapon facility at Salman Pak (it's true: read the air tasking order). You probably scratched your head and thought: um, do we want to be punching holes in those storage tanks?

It's a tough call, and the mighty USAF did what it could to make the best of a bad situation. Nevertheless they did consider developing alternatives.

The US Air Force is conducting the Agent Defeat Weapon (ADW) program to develop the capability to destroy, neutralize, immobilize, or deny an adversary access to biological and chemical agents with little or no collateral damage. The effort is currently in concept exploration. Studies are being performed to identify and evaluate concepts to satisfy the mission need, with the goal of fielding an NBC specific strike capability. All concepts must comply with relevant arms control treaties. Analysis tools being developed to support ADW include Agent Release models, Internal Dispersion and Venting models, and a Lethality model to evaluate inventory and conceptual weapon effectiveness against NBC/M targets.
(Global Security)

So it isn't a robot and it doesn't have lasers. So what, it's still cool enough to be the AoD pick of the day. Discovery Channel, History Channel, are you guys listening? This bomb deserves its own show. I wonder how it will work.

Candidate kill mechanisms for achieving the desired results include, but are not limited to, thermal effects derived from high temperature incendiary (HTI) materials, low blast fragmenting warheads or submunitions, neutralizing chemicals, and other mechanisms which may be identified during the ADWD program. The ability of the ADW to deny the enemy access and/or use of the target and/or its contents is considered desirable, but only as a fallout capability occurring in conjunction with disruption of the functioning of the target and neutralization of the CB material within the target. A hybrid warhead payload that employs a combination of the referenced kill mechanisms may be required to achieve program goals. Kill mechanisms that are not considered appropriate for the ADWD include those employing nuclear fissile material or radioisotopes.

Yes, let's leave nuclear fissile material off the table, shall we? We have better things to do with that stuff, anyway. ADW is awesome. It's not just a bomb, it's an antidote!

It cleans! It disinfects! Once this bomb is in service, how long do you think it will take until university presidents start submitting ATO requests on their own dormitories?

photo by David Park (

Only in America…

Charlotte Church has dropped a clanger by telling a Canadian audience that she loves being in America.

Well who doesn’t?

But after being told of her mistake, Charlotte came straight back out and told the audience: "Someone told me backstage that we're in Canada.

"I'm sorry. I do love Canada. Toronto's one of my favourite cities. I know you think I'm lying now - but I'm not."

Ah, another famous person saying dumb things in public. It’s fun to watch the start of a new trend.

Blown Away

A Bristol cyclist escaped injury when he was blown off his bike by a transport plane taking off from an airfield.

What happened to common sense? Like avoid the end of the runway during take-offs? Doesn’t anyone remember what happened to this truck?

Wednesday, December 18, 2002


Meet Hannah (cool name!):

(Delaware HBS)

Name :Hannah
Shelter Resident Since: 4/28/01
Breed: Havana
Sex : Female
Spay/Neuter status : Spayed
Age When Entered Shelter: Adult
Color(s)/Markings : Coal Gray
Weight: Just over 6 lbs
Known characteristics or special qualities : Hannah has a BEAUTIFUL Charcoal grey coat. She's very shy, she needs a chance for someone to love her. Her new parents should spend lots of time on the floor with her so she can get to know them. Hannah is always hiding in the back of her cage. Can you help her blossom?
Special needs :

Hannah is a gray dwarf cross rescued from an area neighborhood overrun with stray domestic bunnies. She was very scared, full of scabs & cuts and her belly was very large with full teats and she was infested with cocidia. We suspected that she may have recently given birth to 6 babies we also got that day in the shelter.

She is now spayed, and has undergone treatment and has retested negative for the parasite.

If this little one appeals to you, hop over to our adoption application so this bun can start a new life at your home!

This pet is: already house trained, altered
(Delaware HBS)

She's had such a hard life. It's no wonder she's scared of everything. Kindness would mean everything to her.

Here's a secret: Bunnies are really responsive to affection. Sure, you look scary: you're tall, fast and dangerous-looking. But after a week or so, bunnies figure you out. You're kind, you distribute treats and your head-pats are addictive. Plus the sound of your voice is so relaxing. I'm not kidding: go to a bunny-shelter and talk to a bunny for a bit. In fifteen minutes, (s)he'll be flopped-out on the floor, enchanted by the sound of your voice.

Bunnies like Hannah are the best of both worlds: they're as affectionate as dogs, and cleaner than cats. Bunnies are easy to toilet train, and no other pet can beat them at begging for treats.

Hanna needs a Hoss. Who here is human enough to come to her rescue?


Not that kind of watchlist. Here's a list of movies featuring warbirds. Awesome!

To pick one at random:

Bridges at Toko-Ri
1954 *v
USN- William Holden; Reservist is called back to Korea. Terrific script and footage. F9F-2 Panthers of VF-191 & 192, and VA-195 AD-4 Skyraiders. Sikorsky H03S-1 (H-5) of HU-1, some models.

Some sources say it was shot on ORISKANY in South China Sea, Tokyo but the aircraft were clearly all from PRINCETON ("B" on tail). Watch for 4 all-silver McConnell F2H-2P Banshee photo reccon detach of VC-61 in several deck shots. However when they launch reccon., its a F9F-2P Panther in standard blue ("PP" code of the VC-61 reccon. detach). Makes me think it was shot aboard both carriers.

Actor Holden was in the USAAF Special Branch in the US. His brother never came back from a Hellcat mission in the Philippines and this must have been a hard role for Holden to play
(CAF Watchlist)

Holden certainly was a hoss. And look at the beautiful birds! It'll take an awful lot of treasure to buy every single one. 'Bout time this little web log got its own tip jar.

Arsenal of Democracy

If you spend a lot of time watching military experts talk on TV, You'll notice that their favorite trick is to pick some obscure topic and present is as a particularly ominous threat. Oh, scary scary!

Diesel-electric submarines (SSK's) are often presented as the looming threat. Lots of Third World navies have them, and when running on batteries they could supposedly be even quieter than the old Russian subs we used to track. One nightmare I've seen posited a number of times features our Navy blithely sailing through a body of water, while a stealthy little SSK sits waiting to pounce. Lurking on electric power with the engines off, it waits for the precise moment to strike without warning and slink off while we concentrate on damage control.

A well-handled diesel-electric submarine can be lethal to even the most sophisticated anti-submarine ships, let alone such lucrative targets as the LPDs and AORs that will be core elements of almost any intervention operation.
The issue of conventional submarines in small navies is, thus, one that the large navies will have to take seriously. For some of them it may well be a case of back to school to learn how to counter this threat. The best way to do that will be to conduct frequent exercises with friendly navies that operate conventional submarines, preferably with 'Third World' navies that will have entirely different employment and operational concepts, and that operate in waters similar to those where security crises may arise.

Those who do not take small navies seriously or who feel that 'little old diesel boats' are no real threat, may find they have an expensive practical lesson coming their way.
(NATO Eastlant HQ)

Okay you're right. I guess our Navy is obsolete. Or is it?

Because SSK's run out of fuel a lot faster than our nuclear boats, they are tied rather closely to their home ports. And since we are talking about third world SSK's, let's face it: they spend most of their time tied up alongside a dock. All we have to do is lurk outside the sub's home port and wait to pounce. Two can play this game!

And since we are talking about the AoD, we naturally leave our lurking to robots.


The Mk 60 CAPTOR is the US Navy's only deep water mine. The MK-60 CAPTOR, one of the Navy's primary anti submarine weapons, is actually a deepwater moored torpedo launcher. Mine Mk 60 is a sophisticated anti-submarine warfare (ASW) moored mine which is designed to detect and classify submarines and release a modified Torpedo Mk 46 to acquire and attack submerged targets only. This deep water mine is designed to be laid by aircraft or submarine, and is anchored to the ocean floor. The mine utilizes an influence firing device and is able to classify passing submarines. Its acoustic detection system is designed to seek hostile submarines, ignoring surface craft and friendly submarine acoustic signatures. The weapon lies dormant until a target is detected, at which time the torpedo swims out of its capsule to attack and destroy its target. As in other mines, the Mk 60 incorporates an arming-delay. The MK-60 can be deployed by air, submarine, or surface ship.

See? It's not hard to spot enemy SSK's. Just look for the air-bubbles and oil-slicks. Not particularly scary, unless you are a seagull.

Still not worth it

Serbia's Prime Minister is hoping to boost his meagre salary by appearing on the country's version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Let’s hope this is the start of a trend. I’d love to see world leaders buying vowels and spinning the wheel.

The one million dinar, the equivalent of £1,000, top prize on the show, has already drawn tens of thousands of applicants in a country where the average monthly wage is £100.

Who wants to have a Marshall Plan?

Did you hear the one about Asda?

Asda is to introduce humour into Christmas shopping by having jokes told over PA systems at their stores.

The supermarket's management thinks telling shoppers the corny quips is the best way to cheer up harassed customers.

I guess they tried opening more registers, but to no avail.

One of the jokes is: "Why don't polar bears eat penguins? Because they can't get the wrappers off!"

Hmmm... just hmmmm.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002


Here's a strapping young New Jersey lad named Feta (don't ask how he got the name):


When we first got Feta he wasn't sure what kind of "look" he was going for with his ears. At alternate times, his ears were up, down or airplaned straight out. Just recently his huge ears have dropped down.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Lop! Young male 4lbs. (Fostered by NA)

Is he a lop or not? Or is he a transformer? Either way, there's more than meets the eye with this bunny.

Arsenal of Democracy

Since the future of the AoD belongs to flying robots, it's worth a minute to look at the means by which we will steer and shoot them. No, it's not called 802.11x or Skynet. Not yet. It's still just a theory, but the AoD has a pretty good track record when it comes to putting theory into practice. Let's take a look at the Tactical Internet.

One of the top priorities of the Army in digitizing the battlespace is to provide command and control capability throughout the force. This requires a horizontally and vertically integrated digital information network that supports warfighting systems and assures command and control decision cycle superiority. The network must provide reliable, seamless, and secure communications- connectivity for all Army tactical users.

The Tactical Internet is the term used to describe this integrated battlespace communications network. The term is appropriate due to functional similarities to the commercial Internet and because the Tactical Internet communications infrastructure is based on Internet technology. A key feature is the ability to exchange VMF messages using the commercially-based Internet Protocol (IP), which is mandated in the ATA and is common across all segments of the Tactical Internet.
(Global Security)

A good portion of Internet-T is plain old land lines (POLL) connecting command and control computers. Nothing too impressive, except that if we had stuff like this in Desert Storm then General Schwarzkopf could have ICQ'd General Glosson or emailed his blackberry and thereby crank up the decision cycle. Plus they could have ended their messages with emoticons to indicate the intent of the communication and save all kinds of misunderstandings. :-P

The best part of Internet-T is the stuff beyond the wireless gateways. Now that everybody uses secure, jam-resistant radios like SINCGARS, we can safely extend the network out into the aether. Our beloved Army is doing exactly that out at Fort Hood, under the auspices of Project Applique.

The Applique Program is the centerpiece of the Army's efforts to digitize a Brigade-size experimental task force at Fort Hood by June 1996. Initially this program will consists of: over 1000 computers installed in Brigade Task Force vehicles and deployed with individual soldiers, software to support lower echelon battle command requirements, systems engineering, training and logistics support.
(Global Security)

Hmmm, the most current information on that page dates back to '97. I wonder if Applique part of, or independent from IVIS (intravehicular information system ). IVIS is another radio network that lets users share sensor and other information. Either way, both can probably be integrated into the Internet-T with little trouble.

What all this means is that in the future, our beloved Army will go into battle with all its computers talking to each other. Anything that can be remotely controlled, whether it's a flying robot or a sneaky sensor dropped behind the enemy's lines, can be accessed by the right people at the right time. Our fighting battle network has the potential to change the way we fight. In the not-too-distant future, we'll need a new doctrine to accommodate our new advantage. And that's a good thing, because AirLand Battle 2000 is starting to look a little dated.

The best part of Internet-T is its use of TCP/IP. That means all our fighting computer nerds (because America is a computer culture, there are more of them than one would think) can popover to TUCOWS and down load cool stuff like webcam software, MP3 rippers and other sundries. In the future that M1 Abrams won't simply be a tank, but also a Quake server!

I suspect that when other countries find out just how revolutionary the Internet-T is, they'll try to catch up. But just as with stealth technology, they'll find themselves several generations behind and facing a gap that will be widening.

The Internet-T is just one more reason not to tangle with the Arsenal of Democracy. One false move and we will cry havoc and let slip the LPB's of war!

Contact Sport

An Argentinian TV host was injured by a guest while playing Jenga on air.

Some guest! I wonder if he’ll ever be back for a rematch.

Folk star Luciano Pereyra scattered the pieces after losing and one of them hit Sofovich in the eye, causing a minor but painful injury.

So he wasn’t wearing his safety goggles. Everyone knows the potential hazards of Jenga.

And on the subject, why don’t we have a weekly celebrity Jengathon on live TV?

Just in time for Christmas

A Los Angeles college has placed a 4mph speed limit on wheelchairs.

But I’m getting the Wilson Speedchair 5000. It’s the only wheelchair with a roll bar.

"It's a safety issue, pure and simple," said Tom Jacobsmeyer, vice president of administration.

He proposed the regulation after seeing a student nearly hit by a woman "going very fast" in a wheelchair.

Oh, well if it’s for safety then it’s OK. Don’t forget to add some seatbelt and helmet rules.

Monday, December 16, 2002


The adopt-a-bunny of the day is Tillie:

(Rhode Island HBS)

This pretty, blue-eyed gal named Tillie is about 2-3 years old. She is affectionate, spayed, active, and good natured. She is a smaller bun at about 4 lbs. A great bonding candidate!
(Rhode Island HBS)

Good things come in small packages. Tillie is even smaller than me. And those blue eyes!


This guy's a bunny hoss:

(Rhode Island HBS)

This is Old Timer. Everyone who comes to Sweet Binks loves Old Timer. OT is not available for adoption, as he is 13 years old, and not neutered. He was abandoned because he is old. We love OT, and everyday we love him more. Even if you can’t adopt, you can help Sweet Binks help buns like Old Timer. They are all precious and deserving of a good and loved life.
(Rhode Island HBS)

OK, he's not available for adoption, but thirteen years! He's a regular Strom, er Grandma Moses (ok, the analogy doesn't match)! You go guy, you're awesome!

Arsenal of Democracy

You probably didn't hear it here first, but Misha has posted a link to a Spooky-cam. How very democratic of the Emperor to make it available to a wider audience. Follow the link to watch the mighty USAF shoot some fish in a barrel.

Sure they make it look easy, that's what professionals do. And even though you couldn't hear it in their voices (one of he crew seems to take a bit too much pleasure in his work), trust me they were scared. Here's an excerpt from the transcript, (with my translation in parentheses):

Spotter: Flares away...Flares away! (I think I see a Grail)

Airman: Flares (Here come the flares)

Spotter: No joy launch! (Oops, my bad)


Other Airman: Stop the flares (You're giving away our position)

Yet another Airman: Stop the flares! (You'll get us killed!)

Flares are useful in seducing shoulder-fired SAMs, but they illuminate the plane. Once sighted, a Spooky is very vulnerable to AAA. That's how we lost Spirit 03 at Khafji. Fourteen Americans died.

Spooky is one hell of a hoss, and would be ideally suited to catching speeders and riot control (kidding...). But I think flying it into combat is really tempting fate. Future gun-ships should be smaller, stealthier, and preferably piloted with robots. And laser beams. Gotta have laser beams or it just isn't cool enough. Looks like the mighty USAF agrees:

Special operators want the new gunship, or AC-X, to be much smaller than a C-130, with fewer crew members. They want it to be stealthy, with the speed and maneuverability of a long-range jet fighter. They want it equipped with directed energy weapons and non-lethal technologies, and it should be able to engage targets from any angle-above and below, front and back.
(Global Security)

Right now, AC-X is just a gleam in some warmonger's eye. Nevertheless we are testing fighting robot warplanes.


Once the X-45 is validated, we can expect the fighting robot gun-ships to be right behind. That makes the AC-X today's pick for tomorrow's hot AoD toy.


I just realized: we've already seen fighting UCAV gunships:

(T2 Shrine)

Tomorrow's AoD: 802.11x Skynet!

Holland, where good Christmas dinners go bad

Animal rights workers in Holland are being sued for blasphemy over a poster campaign featuring the Virgin Mary holding a bleeding bunny.


You can sue for blasphemy in Holland? Just like you can in France? Now that's sophisticated European nuance!

In Holland it is traditional to eat chicken or bunny for Christmas Dinner, although more people now eat turkey.

Excuse me for not shedding a tear.


That was a cheap shot, and I apologize. Holland is not an evil empire. And even though I bleed red, white and blue, taxonomically speaking I am a Dutch bunny.

Malaysia, the inferior empire

The Malaysian government has banned car adverts featuring Brad Pitt because they are "an insult to Asians."


Didn't they see Fight Club? He's obviously an insult to Americans.

Deputy Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin said the advertisements featuring non-Asian models and personalities would "plant a sense of inferiority among Asians".

Maybe he's some kind of secret weapon. Let's send him to Baghdad and find out!

Mars Bunny

(Angry Red Planet Weekend continues on this web log)
(Holst's Mars is here. The rest of the planets are here. The MP3s are here.)

Who is the other Mars bunny? That's a toughie. But rules are rules, so let's evaluate the possible candidates.

(Marvin's Home Page)

Too derivative. Would it be conceit if I nominated myself?

Yes it would. That's two strikes, so the third better count!

The third one is really obscure. It's a reference to a page which exists no longer. Last year London Drugs ran an Easter flyer advertising chocolates manufactured by the Mars corporation. The page expired long ago, but thanks to google, the image persists. At least for now.

Close enough, I say! The bunny from the Mars corp. is the official second Mars bunny on this web log. Whew: That was a close one!

With the daily bunny out of the way, Angry Red Planet Weekend concludes on this web log.

If you need more Mars, check out Mars in the Mind of Earth. And if you want to visit Mars, no problem.

(Mars on Earth)

Apparently the Martians really have landed, and guess what: they're Canadian (who knew?).

Arsenal of Democracy

(Angry Red Planet Weekend continues on this web log)

The US Navy is the most Martian of the services. Let's take a quick look at their homage to the Red Planet.

(US Navy)

You may recall this plane for being in the news not to long ago.

The EP-3E ARIES II (Airborne Reconnaissance Integrated Electronic System II) is the Navy's only land-based signals intelligence (SIGINT) reconnaissance aircraft. The 11 aircraft in the Navy's inventory are based on the Orion P-3 airframe and provide fleet and theater commanders worldwide with near real-time tactical SIGINT. With sensitive receivers and high-gain dish antennas, the EP-3E exploits a wide range of electronic emissions from deep within targeted territory.
(US Navy)

The ARIES: it eats fighter-planes for breakfast.

Next are the T-AFS Mars-class fighting Combat Stores Ships

(US Navy)

Combat stores ships provide underway replenishment of all types of supplies, ranging from repair parts to fresh food, clothing and mail via tensioned cargo rigs and UH-46 Sea Knight> helicopters.
(US Navy)

Very Martian, but not enough to rank #1. That spot belongs to the Mighty Martin Mars!

(Flying Tankers Inc.)

The Martin Mars was the largest flying boat to ever achieve operational status. The Mars was designed during World War II, only a handful were ever built, but over 40 years later, the aircraft still soldiers on, fighting forest fires.
(Martin Mars Shrine)

Take a look at the Flying Tankers Video Gallery for some movies of the Mars in action. To think these planes have been flying for nearly sixty years! That's not a world record, but it's enough to make the Martin Mars the number one Martian article in the AoD.


Flying Saucers Are Real

(Angry Red Planet Weekend continues on this web log)

(Future Horizons)

And the plans are only ninety-nine bucks. Awesome!

The Geobat has appeared in the april 1997 issue of Popular Science magazine in the Whats new section. As a result, it has caught the attention of the United States Department of Defense who are interested in the craft for possible military applications.

The Geobat also was nominated as one of the top ten finalists in the aerospace category by the 2000 Discover Magazine Awards for Technological Innovation.
(Future Horizons)

The inventor, Jack M. Jones deserves all credit, to be sure. But why sell the plans on a website selling Anti-gravity machines, Bionics, Lightsabers, Psionics, Time travel and UFO detectors?

What, they don't sell tinfoil hats, too?


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